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Random Thought of Perspection

We often go through life with a narrow perspective, failing to fully appreciate all that God has created for us. We cannot truly experience something without also experiencing its opposite - hot cannot be understood without cold, and so on. Our perception of reality is heavily influenced by our individual experiences, which shape vastly different worldviews from person to person. However, if we unlock the deeper truths within our subconscious minds and souls, we can access the ultimate reality we were born knowing - that all of God's creation is an expression of the divine itself. This means we each hold the power to continually create and recreate our lives and the lives of those around us, in every passing moment. If humanity wishes to overcome the "hell on earth" as some describe it, we must realize that we are all one. By adopting a mindset rooted in love's conquering power over hate and fear, we can manifest a world where the latter ceases to exist. So, my request for today my friends, is to live as though this week was your last. Smile to those around, give the person on the corner $5 dollars, hold a door open for someone and laugh as if it was the cure for everything because you never know when you yourself needs those exact things.

With much love,


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