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The ever-changing path

There are no pre-made paths in life. We create our own paths by walking and living our journey."

Sometimes we get distracted by other people's paths out of envy, judgment, or fear. This can lead us astray from our true path.

Or we may feel lost, unsure of which path to take or how to move forward.

Occasionally, after walking a path for years, it may suddenly end with no clear way to proceed. The mystics called this "crossing the desert."

In all these situations, it requires great inner strength to have faith, let go of misguided beliefs, and trust the unknown.

I go through phases every few years where I must pause, reflect, and question even what seemed clear before. It's a confusing time where I don't know anything for certain anymore. But this confusion should not be mistaken for lack of clarity.

I patiently sit with this "not knowing" for weeks or months. It's an important resting and gestation period, like a womb time. Many traditions honor this pause for renewal and deeper listening.

This womb time humbles me and connects me to the collective human experience of loss and confusion. But it also births new truths, questions, and wisdom to share with others.

I am now entering another belly - a gestation phase before my next emergence. We are always transitioning between bellies of growth.

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