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The gift of being "Selfish"

We're often told that being selfish is wrong - that we should put others before ourselves. But what if cultivating self-care and prioritizing our own needs is actually the key to being our best selves and giving more fully to the world around us?

At our core, most spiritual and religious teachings instruct that we are all one. If that's true, then doing something solely for yourself is simultaneously benefiting all others. When you learn to see yourself in everyone and everything, the meaning of "selfish" evolves from its negative connotation.

Loving yourself first allows you to share love more freely. Caring for yourself first enables you to care for others more fully. We cannot know what we're meant to give others if we don't know ourselves deeply. In this light, being "selfish" is a gift - taking the time to fulfill your desires and needs allows you to become the highest version of yourself.

We're conditioned to believe we lack time, money, and resources. But the reality is we all have enough. Those who seem to "have it all together" are envied, with assumptions that money or privilege is their advantage. But often it simply comes down to mindset - choosing to live aligned with their authentic wants and needs, without guilt.

So take a day to indulge yourself shamelessly. Do whatever your heart desires, without restraint from thoughts of "I don't have time" or "I can't afford it." Pursue an activity you've longed for, try a new food, listen to uplifting music - anything that sparks joy. Then pay it forward by sharing that experience or perspective that fulfilled you. If we all commit to this cycle of pursuing our callings and paying forward our light, the world becomes more unified through our individual journeys.

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