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Thoughts on Love

True love is not about possession or convincing someone to stay. It's rooted in freedom of choice - the liberty to come and go as one wishes. Genuine love means having the wisdom to let go when paths diverge, understanding that sincere affection desires the best for the other, not mere possession. While companionship brings comfort, it should feel natural and unforced. Otherwise, it's better to let that person fly free for their wellbeing, even if it pains our hearts.

Love should grant wings, not construct cages. Pure love respects the other's autonomy to take flight, even if they leave our side. Releasing them is difficult, yet far better than shackling them falsely in love's name. For the feeling that imprisons others leads only to self-imprisonment, preventing the experience of something authentic and real.

Love ought to be light, respectful, freeing, and natural. That's the sole path to something true and worthwhile. It requires no argument or convincing. True love arises when someone, with full freedom, chooses of their own volition to remain by your side.


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